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Wes clears the Fog about Mortgage Albuquerque home financing!

Mortgage Albuquerque Loans from a Seasoned Loan Officer:

Hello there, Welcome to Moore4yourmoney. My name is Wes Moore and I am Vice President of a mortgage banking firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico called the Superior Mortgage Services.Superior Mortgage began in 1994 and I joined as a partner 11 years ago.

We’re consistently recognized as one of the leading direct lenders in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area. We lend our own money which means quicker answers for you and a better rate for you because there is no middleman in Mortgage Albuquerque.

I specialize in helping people purchase and refinance homes and I’ve been doing Mortgage Albuquerque Loans  now in Albuquerque for over 23 years.

I grew up in Oklahoma, graduated from North Eastern State University with a degree in Business, moved to Albuquerque and started my mortgage banking career a month later.

During my career, I’ve obtained a Mortgage Bankers Association’s certified Loan Officer Designation and also the Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist designation. Currently I serve as the President of the New Mexico Association of the Mortgage Albuquerque Professionals and one of the handful of the New Mexico instructors for the Mortgage education foundation. I actually teach other Loan Officers how to do their job and how to do it correctly.

Now as a partner in Superior, I’m self-employed and also own property. So I have a unique understanding of those areas of financing of Mortgage Albuquerque. I also built a custom home and made many of my friends construction loans. So I am very well versed in that area of financing also.

I’ve 3 grown up children and 2 grand children and 2 of my kids are homeowners. So I have a very special place in my heart for first time home buyers. And actually I know New Mexico Mortgage finance authority or NMFA programs inside and out. In my spare time, I enjoy my family, water rafting, I’m a raft guy, I enjoy jeeping, camping and my girl friend.

I believe in an informed consumer as a happy consumer. To that end, I’ve constructed a home buyer University library of videos designed to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about what’s best for you in buying a home. I know you have many choices in finding a home mortgage Albuquerque consultant.

And I believe a local, educated, emphatic and experienced Loan Officer with thousands of extremely satisfied clients as your best bet. I am that guy and I would like to apply for that job of being your Loan Officer.Call me today at 505-249-4506 and let’s get started helping you get achieve your real estate financing goals.

And just don’t forget, please share this, with a Facebook link on here, there’s a subscription link on here, please subscribe. That way you’ll have all the information you need to have every time I make a new video.

Also if you have a smart phone, and you would like get a cool new mortgage application for your phone, simply text my last name “Moore” to 72727 and you will get a cool app for your phone where you’ll get all the stuff you need. Thanks for letting me visit you today and my NMLS # 205189 for your Mortgage Albuquerque.Mortgage Albuquerque and mfa Albuquerque first time buyer loan at

Albuquerque first time buyer loanDo you know Albuquerque First Time Buyer Loan Program:

Loan Officer details how first time buyers in New Mexico can get into Albuquerque, NM real estate with only $500 down utilizing this NMMFA loan program called Albuquerque first time buyer loan. Call Wes Moore, CRMS, at 505-249-4506 for your special pre-qualification and all the inside secrets!

Wes has been helping people buy Albuquerque, NM real estate for over 23 years. Put his NMMFA expertise to work for you when purchasing your Albuquerque, NM real estate.

Hi, I’m Wes Moore, Welcome to this week’s Moore TV from This week we’re going to talk about Albuquerque first time buyer loan options in New Mexico.

There’s a state funded program called Albuquerque first time buyer loan by the New Mexico Mortgage finance authority that will give first time buyers all the money they need for their down payment except $500 bucks in New Mexico.

Now the definition of a first time buyer is someone who has not owned a home in the last 36 months. So you don’t really even have to be a first time buyer.

For the Income requirements, for 1 to 2 people in the family you must make $60,000 and change a year. So it’s truly not a lower income. If you have 3 or more in the family, you can make up to $69,000 or change in a year. So, this is an awesome way for young people or anybody for that matter to get into a home. I know because my son took advantage of this program.

So, if you’re watching this from the internet give me a call or if you’re a past client, think about your kids or their rating or they’re going to school etc, you could also co-sign for them. That’s another point I want to make is they do not count Mom and Dad’s income. So if I make, let’s say $100,000 a year, kid makes $50,000, he is still low income because he is below $60,000. I can co-sign and they don’t count my income in that income limit of $60,000. So it’s called the Albuquerque first time buyer loan from New Mexico Mortgage finance authority.

They couple that with a FHA mortgage which requires a 3.5% down payment. We get the Albuquerque first time buyer loan to cover the closing costs and all you need to get into a home is $500.

Albuquerque first time buyer loan is an awesome program and I have helped a lot of my client’s children and a lot of new first time buyers into this program this year. I know when I bought my first house, I put zero down. So that’s the number one thing, it’s coming with a down payment. So here’s a way and you only need a 500 bucks.

So call everybody you know, tell them to call Wes Moore 505-249-4506 and let’s see if we can get you into a home. Thanks and till next time, I’m Wes Moore. Contact him straightaway for more information and relevant details on Mortgage Albuquerque first time buyer loan.

Albuquerque Homepath financing for FNMA foreclosures / Albuquerque, NM Real Estate

Albuquerque Homepath financing

Fannie Mae’s Albuquerque Homepath Financing Program:

Check out this awesome Albuquerque Homepath financing program for FNMA foreclosures on Albuquerque, NM real estate. Wes Moore, CRMS, explains this killer loan in detail. Call him at 505-249-4506 for more info or to see how you can apply!!

Wes has been helping families purchase or refinance Albuquerque, NM real estate for over 23 years.  Put his expertise to work for you immediately.  Call him at 505-249-4506 now!

Hai Guys, I am Wes Moore, Welcome to Moore TV from This week I am going to talk about Fannie Mae’s Albuquerque Homepath financing program.

Government mortgage financier Fannie Mae offers special home loan financing on its repos, it’s called Albuquerque Homepath financing program. Let’s take a closer look.

In short a Homepath mortgage allows prospective home buyers to get their hands on a Fannie Mae home property read a “Foreclosure” here for as low down as 3% and that down payment can be in the form of a gift, a grant, or a loan from a non-profit, or a loan from a state or local government or your employer. This 3% down on Fannie Mae foreclosures compares to the 3.5% down with the regular FHA Loan.

So, Albuquerque Homepath financing also comes with fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgages and even interest only options. Another big plus associated with buying these Fannie Mae foreclosures in utilizing these Homepath financing is that there is no appraisal and also NO Mortgage Insurance. So, typically PMI’s required for mortgages with the loan to value ratios are over 80%. So this a smoking deal.

Now Fannie Mae for a limited time till June 30th also offering to give you 3.5% to pay your closing cost. So 3% down, no Mortgage Insurance, no Appraisal and they are going to give you 3.5% for your closing costs, smoking. But, you must live in the home as a primary residence.

Finally mini Condominiums don’t meet FHA’s, VA or Fannie Mae guidelines today. But if you look at a Fannie Mae repo condo, no problem, you can buy it on this program. So, in summary, Albuquerque Homepath financing is a great alternative to purchasing a foreclosure through the open market. And with the flexible down payment requirements and no Mortgage Insurance or Appraisal, you could save some serious cash.

So Homepath properties and the corresponding Albuquerque Homepath financing should certainly be considered alongside your financing options. But, remember, as with all foreclosures, these homes are sold As-Is, so you may need to do some repairs on the property. So tread, you know, cautiously. So till next-time, if you need a home mortgage or friends might want their mortgage or like this program, please share with them. Forward this, like this or whatever you can do to get the word out there or just call me 505-249-4506. Till next time, I’m Wes Moore. You can contact him for full info on Albuquerque Homepath financing.

Albuquerque, NM Real Estate- Albuquerque Pre Approval vs Pre Qualify

Albuquerque Pre Approval Here’s a quick 5 minute video on the difference between pre qualify and Albuquerque pre approval for Albuquerque, NM real estate.

Let Wes Moore show you the difference an experienced loan officer can make for your family when purchasing Albuquerque, NM real estate.  Call his cell phone at 505-249-4506 anytime.

Wes has been helping families purchase Albuquerque, NM real estate for over 23 years.  Check out the difference in the way Albuquerque Pre Approval plays out in any home buying process.

Welcome to Moore TV, brought to you by I am Wes Moore, certified residential mortgage specialist, Vice President and Partner with Superior Mortgage Services. Today I have got about a 5 minute video about the difference between Albuquerque Pre-Qualification and Albuquerque Pre Approval.

Let’s start with the story of John and Mary. John and Mary wanted to buy their first home or the fifth home, it doesn’t matter. So they got online with Suzy homes and made an appointment with a real estate agent. Most realtor or real estate agents won’t put you in their illustrious list without an Albuquerque  pre approval from a local lender they trust. However, the time was the summer of 2011. Suzy was just happy to have her phone ring. So she made an appointment to meet John and Mary and show her listing they called about and several others.

During the course of driving from home to home, Suzy did ask the right question, “John and Mary have you been pre approved”? John and Mary answered “No”. So Suzy had them call the new loan officer who has just graduated from college and went to work for the mortgage lender who had a desk right inside the real estate office. The Leo loan officer was inexperienced, but he had been in business and after all loan officers are the same, right? The Leo loan officer asked them if their credit is good, asked them how much money they make and asked them if they have the down payment. They readily answered affirmatively to all the questions, so Suzy drives them around 47 different short sales over 3 days and finally gets an offer accepted. Well after 4 weeks and just 3 days before closing, the loan officer’s underwriting department denies the loan. The deadly Leo did not know the right questions to ask.

Surely, their credit was good, and to them they always pay their bills in time, even if it took them 2 to 3 years to pay them off. They didn’t understand lenders want you to pay your bills monthly on time. Sure, they made enough money to afford the home, even though they told the IRS that their copy-cleaning business normally on email make about a $100,000 a year profit under Schedule C, they knew they could really afford it. Sure, they have the down payment money. They have a brand new Visa car with a 15,000 limit; they can take a cash advance on it. What did the underwriter mean that they have a problem? So, after 287 miles on Suzy’s Lexus, much anticipation on the part of the sellers and their realtor, not to mention John and Mary, the inexperienced Loan Officer let them know they can’t help 3 days before closing. Unfortunately, this causes Suzy’s Lexus being repossessed because she was counting on their commission. The seller short-sold the follow through as the home is going into foreclosure and the other realtor waltzed and never worked for Suzy or her inexperienced in house lender again. Just to change my action or bad due to all again, the moral of the story let a 23 year veteran loan officer who knows what questions to ask and handle your next transaction and get you Albuquerque Pre Approval .

Wes will get your Albuquerque  pre approval for one of his 3 local in-house underwriters in a flash and give you a written commitment before you even start looking at homes.

That’s the difference between a veteran and a newbie and that’s the difference between an Albuquerque pre qualification and an Albuquerque pre approval. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and clients. And if you need a home loan, I help people buy homes. Till next time, I’m Wes Moore.

You can get more information on Albuquerque Pre Approval and Albuquerque Real estate in subsequent posts.

HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program-HERO loan-Albuquerque Real Estate

HUD Good Neighbor Next Door ProgramHave you heard of HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program:

Albuquerque HERO’s can now buy a HUD Repo for half price! Check out this short video on how it works. It is called the HUD Good Neighbor Next Door program and is an awesome way to build 50% equity in your home in just 3 years.

Welcome to another short video about how I can help you get into an Albuquerque home, I am Wes Moore. Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers, Firefighters and First responders can all contribute to community revitalization while becoming homeowners through HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program. It basically works like this.

You’ve heard about HUD’s Repos. While sometimes HUD gives properties repossessed and may be not the greatest neighborhood. They want Police Officers, Firefighters, and First responders in these areas with a car parked outside. So you agree to live in this home, this HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program repo you buy, for three years and HUD will forgive half the mortgage. That’s right and half the mortgage will be forgiven after 3 years.

What an amazing benefit to people in these professions. I have always thought that we don’t pay teachers, First responders, Firefighters, Police Officers and all. Here’s a chance to take advantage of a well deserved benefit. Think of it this way. If you buy a 200,000 dollar house, and they forgive 100 Grand after three years, basically they’re paying you 33,000 in change to live there per year.

Amazing and in simple terms it’s this. You buy a house, one of these HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program repos, for 200,000, you borrow 200,000. Then at the end of three years, you only owe a 100,000 because the loan is broken into 2 parts, one you get from me and the other is a silent second mortgage with no payments that is forgiven by HUD at the end of three years. So basically you get to buy a HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program repo at half what I have to pay for it.

The small print is this, you cannot have owned a home in the last year and you must qualify for the loan with good credit, employment etc. That’s pretty clear. Call all your co-workers or anybody you know in these industries or anybody that you may think that wants to take advantage of HUD Good Neighbor Next Door program or better yet, just forward them this video. Call or email me for a list of current houses available from some of my realtor partners. As always, please ensure you subscribe to the list sideways and please forward this to anyone you think may benefit. Till next time, I’m Wes Moore and more on HUD Good Neighbor Next Door program.


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